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an entrepreneur group I used to hang with has had one too many members go from "we're a startup doing good!" to "let's focus on business topics" to "this sounds cold but it's just business theory" to unapologetic exploitation and it's bizarre to see that change in several people

I've seen it several times over the past few years, too many times and too many people I genuinely liked to think it's just "bad apples." It's part of why I've distanced myself from a lot of people in that scene. Our environment and the people we're around and talk to do shape us

It's weird because it's not at all like culture problems in coder tech culture. They don't make me feel like shit, they welcome me in the group, they're all very nice to me. The group itself would violate no code of conduct. They just treat the people who work for them like shit

And so there's this welcoming dynamic and all buddies and everything is lovely within the group, but the views they throw around get increasingly toxic and everyone justifies it because it's a nice place to hang out, until those justifications turn them toxic to other people too.

I don't really like posting about this topic but it took me several years to find these words and identify what these bad gut feelings were trying to tell me, so posting in case it helps bring others clarity and help others be more intentional about self improvement and changes

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