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1) Exceptional essay from @buckymoore.

Best thing I’ve read on software in a while.

Grateful to @edwards_deming for highlighting it to me.

My summary and thoughts in the rest of the thread 👇 

2) Cloud data warehouses become cloud data platforms as applications read/write directly to the warehouses.

My thought: Streaming data is the new axis of competition here. Bigquery.

3) These data platforms - and other co’s - emerge as new serverless layers which abstract away the underlying infrastructure, compete with the higher level services of the cloud co’s and enable multi-cloud.

My thought: Back to the future with PaaS. Real risk to incumbents.

3) Zero trust, agentless security finally happens with data replacing endpoints as the focus of security architectures.

My thought: Endpoints are effectively irrelevant in a SaaS world. SmartNICs/DPUs help enable this trend from an underlying infrastructure perspective.

4) Business processes will be written as code and treated as such.

My thought: The logical culmination of “software is eating the world.” No code and low code companies will all try to create and own a proprietary data schema of some sort.

5) ML consolidation. Data gravity is real.

My thought: I would tend to bet on the cloud infrastructure players here via M&A, but the alternative scenario envisioned is very plausible.

Original thread (found after I had already summarized).

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