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doing taxes means asking multiple different professionals their opinions on what the rules are and everyone disagrees and debates with each other over e-mail so some businesses just say fuck it and pick whatever benefits them most but if I get it wrong I get in serious trouble

small businesses are caught in this super weird place, between corporations that get checks written to them whenever they want so these strict wide-reaching laws are put in place yet big corporations still find ways around them so the small businesses are left there like wtf guys

a lot of stuff is like "don't worry, this is written so vaguely to try to catch people abusing the process, it's not really meant for someone like you" but that also means whenever someone's in a bad mood the hammer can come down randomly. ah, taxes

one example is meals. I know small business owners that literally put all food on the company card. however a lady on our accounting team used to work as an auditor and she said that was the #1 easiest thing for tax audits, so be more than cautious. so I don't put any meals down

I think what happens is a lot of business owners get away with extremes and only a few "examples" are made to be punished but those examples get punished super harshly and scrutinized heavily, so it's like, eek, I'll just give you extra money here you go

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