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I can only conclude from reading this article that every single conspiracy theory is true.

Well, that's what a conspiracy theorist would say.

Sounds like something ReAl JoUrNaLiStS should start to investigate in December of 2020.

In all seriousness the article is worth reading, because it doesn't just put the "Mainstream Media" stamp of approval on stuff we all already knew, it's remarkably clear-eyed about the politics of scientific research; how scientists do things to chase grants, not truth.

Dude, stop using logic. STOP USING LOGIC.

Bloggers > peer-reviewed science

Telling that you can just write "samizdat science"--a reference to the Soviet Union--everyone understands. Everyone knows that "science" is now run on pyramidal lines with vigorous dissent policing, and everyone *should* know that this is a terrible way to do science.

Always trust the guys with the pseudonym and the weird Twitter avatar over scientists.

Also, totally fine and legit that a researcher feels like he has to use a pseudonym to publish legitimate research on the biggest pandemic in over 100 years.

Forget the substance. How do we feel that major science funding decisions are made as a result of essentially political battles via op-eds and signed petitions?

I don't want to sound utopian, here. There's an inescapable sense in which science will always be affected by politics. I just think that the mental picture most people--even educated people--have of how science really works is just disconnected from reality.

Banning investigation of a crucial public health question to own the cons.

This piece is interesting because I'd been aware of all the things pointing to a lab leak, but I'd been so focused on the "China is evil" angle that I'd missed the question about "gain of function experiments", where scientists create superviruses in the lab to study how ...

... they might fight a naturally occurring supervirus. I have no idea whether that's a good idea scientifically or not. But one of the biggest promoters of "gain of function" experiments in the US was...Anthony Fauci. Which might provide another motive to scotch investigation ...

... into the origins of the virus. Anyway, that's the angle of the piece, and it's interesting.

One thing I was surprised by: there's virtually no discussion of the possible links between virus research and the military. There are other reasons why scientists might be...

... engaged in "gain of function" experiments.

Anyway, read it, it's great. 



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