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As I look at photos of the "zip tie guy" I noticed a few details that may be easy to overlook when your eye is clearly drawn towards the zip ties.

Some of these details may be indicators of where he is from and possible group affiliation.

The shirt and pants are notably expensive, and uniquely identifiable. Specifically they are the "combat field shirt" and "stalker pant" made by Kryptek. Both are in the "Typhon" urban camouflage color way.

Lightweight combat tops are popular among militia groups because of the velcro adornments on the shoulders, elbows, and chest, that allow them to affix their groups' identifying patches and similar flare.

Is it significant that this individual is not wearing his group's patches?

This then brings me to the Tennessee "blue line" patch affixed to the center of his plate holder.

His balaclava under the baseball cap is clearly worn to obfuscate his hair and facial features and evade detection.

Why narrow down who you are by wearing a state-specific patch?

Many thanks to @dani3l_thomas for correctly pointing out the shirt is in fact Kryptek's "Tactical 3 LS Zip" top.

What Daniel is highlighting is actually important to a question I have been mulling over.

There is one small, particularly organized group I have been keeping my eye on since April, and perhaps by complete coincidence their entire core team wears this exact top-bottom kit.

Here is a closer look at the various Kryptek kits worn by the "Iron City Civil Defense Unit" a small, extremely organized, militia group out of Pittsburgh, PA who has adopted Norse iconography recently coopted by Neo-Nazi groups like Atomwaffen division.

A matching tactical kit is hardly enough evidence to allege this group was somehow associated with the zip-tie situation at the Capitol, but it may be worth seeing which groups and individuals may have purchased this uniquely identifiable kit and as a parameter to narrow a search

But I must underscore that people consider the intention behind the patches and symbols that were visible on the zip-tie guy's plate carrier and consider whether or not they are part of an effort to obfuscate where the perpetrator is actually from.

If the started January 6th with an intention to do crimes it is worth considering that they stripped off all of the patches they usually proudly adorn themselves with and instead wore ambiguous patches or patches that would lead investigators to look in another state.

Video footage appears to show the zip-tie guy entering the capitol at approximately ~0:19" in this clip. Capitol Police can be overheard telling the group he is with "we disagree but we respect you"

Here is another photo of the zip-tie guy and the woman he accompanied up the stairs to the rotunda.

For the folks sending me photos ID'ng who this pair may be, I see you and I am grateful, but I won't post until I am able to 100% confirm.

If accurate this story is about to take a really bizarre turn.

H/T to @No_Nazis_Please for these higher quality images of zip-tie guy and the woman he was with.

Video has surfaced of the zip-tie guy and the woman accompanying him in a hotel lobby shortly after the attack on the Capitol.

In the bizarre clip he explains how he is "concerned for the country"

Thanks to @CPConrad's keen eye we now know that zip tie guy and the woman accompanying him stayed at the @GrandHyattDC the night of January 6.

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