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Something I've been thinking about a lot for the past year is what we choose to pathologize and the impacts of pathologizing something.

Framing something as an illness or disorder or symptom has wide-reaching implications. That framing can even be the source of the problem!

I first thought about it after reading this book. She focuses on how in sex research, pathologizing & shaming natural aspects of sexuality and our bodies creates problems only solvable by acceptance and rejecting the notion that these are problems at all. 

It also comes up in dialectical behavior therapy-- there is a healing philosophy of "radical acceptance." Taking a step back to just fully accept things as they are and working within that framework instead of the mindset of always trying to change them. 

It's natural to want to change. But maybe I don't have to change because the current state of who I am is diseased. Maybe I don't have to be neurotypical, maybe I don't have to follow a normal path or think/feel a standard way. I can be different without being labeled disordered.

It's a tricky topic because with increase in mental health awareness (which is great!) I see diagnoses and labels being thrown around. But I kind of no longer see my C-PTSD as a disorder, and more like neurodiversity and diversity of experiences that make me different and wiser.

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