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Note: This thread is related to #COVID19.

Follow the World Health Organization's instructions to reduce your risk of infection. Avoid the three Cs: Crowded places, Close Contact Settings & Confined spaces. Airborne aerosols play an important role in transmitting COVID-19.

- Avoid crowded places and limit time in enclosed spaces

- Apply social distance

- Air rooms by opening windows & doors

- Keep hands and surfaces clean, cover coughs & sneezes

- Wear a mask when you are not at home or when physical distancing is not possible

Sarah Mei
+ Your AuthorsArchive @sarahmei Software engineer & founder of @RailsBridge and @LivableCode. Currently stirring the pot at @SalesforceUX. She/her. ✨Twitter at the speed of parenting✨ Jan. 14, 2021 1 min read

My mom’s in the hospital - not sure for what exactly, but it’s not covid. Send me your good thoughts💙

She’s still in the hospital, but out of the ICU. Prognosis reasonably good for a 76-year-old. Thank you for your good thoughts 💖

It’s been hard to focus on anything since Wednesday though. I’m not ready to be the family elder yet 😔

My mom is out of the hospital & home! Tired, with still some recovery to do, but it’s a huge step in the right direction.

Thank you for all your good thoughts❤️

Meanwhile, I pinched a nerve in my shoulder, and all I can do is take medication & painkillers & wait.

2021: hopefully on its way up from here🤬🤕😷

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