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Sarah Mei
+ Your AuthorsArchive @sarahmei Software engineer & founder of @RailsBridge and @LivableCode. Currently stirring the pot at @SalesforceUX. Black Lives Matter. she/her Jan. 21, 2021 1 min read

Biden’s 100-day masking challenge requires mask-wearing on all federal property. Does that include national recreation areas such as The Presidio?

I can’t find the actual text of his executive order anywhere. 😔

Mostly I want to know whether I’ll still have to deal with unmasked bikers and runners huffing in my face while I’m taking the garbage cans out. (I live in the Presidio)

Ah ha! Actual text of the mask order is here: 

Thanks @sgrif!

It looks like the answer is “technically yes” - runners & bikers in the Presidio (and on all other federal land) will have to wear masks when they are near other people.

Remains to be seen, though, where that will fall in the enforcement priorities of the national park police😬

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