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Tech Won't Save Us
+ Your AuthorsArchive @techwontsaveus A left-wing podcast for a better world and better tech. Hosted by @parismarx. Jan. 21, 2021 1 min read

This week @beccalew joins @parismarx to discuss how YouTube normalizes and incentivizes extreme right-wing views.

In this clip, Becca explains how YouTube had a reactionary celebrity culture even before concerns arose about its algorithm.

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.@beccalew is a PhD candidate at @Stanford.

Read her report for @datasociety on how right-wing creators on YouTube built an alternate media system to increase their audiences and sell their ideology: 

.@beccalew wrote about what Trump’s Twitter ban says about social media:

“If this decision-making seems strange to us in the context of social media, it's partly because platforms have spent the last 10+ years telling us that they aren't media companies” 

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