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Mike Stuchbery 💀🍷
+ Your AuthorsArchive @MikeStuchbery_ Writer, Journalist & Teacher. Sometimes does stuff for @TheLocalEurope. Feb. 02, 2021 2 min read

Andy Ngo thinks Antifa are on a level with the Nazis in terms of wanton violence. Furthermore, he says that 'even the Nazis knew to cover their tracks' and that we didn't know about the Holocaust until afterwards.

Wrong, and offensive on almost every level.

Violence had been building for years prior to the Nazis assuming power, and much of it was instigated by the SA.

In 1932 for example, 105 people died in clashes between SA and opposing groups in Prussia alone - that's one region. 

SA activity - marching through 'red' neighbourhoods and fighting those who opposed them was a deliberate strategy. The spectacle of violence and the implied 'restoral of order' was the point.

Just think of how Horst Wessel was remembered following his death in 1930. He was turned into a martyr who fell 'bravely in battle' against the Bolsheviks. Violence was inherent to the message - a clash between forces for the future of Germany.

During his time as SA leader in Berlin, Goebbels worked on a strategy of provocation that almost always ended in violence, a form of trolling that would always provide the opportunity for a brawl and the implication that a menace had been dealt with. 

After the Nazis took power in 1933, they would still organize demonstrations of violence to show their power - in the Berlin suburb of Köpenick, up to 91 individuals were killed or 'disappeared' in one week in 1933. 

This would of course lead to the pinnacle of anti-Jewish violence prior to the beginning of the Shoah, the Reichspogromnacht of 9/10th November, 1938.

There is simply no comparison of the violence perpetrated by Antifa in dealing with fascists to the havoc and terror caused by the Nazis during their rise.

It is absolute horseshit.

Again, as for the idea that the world didn't know about the Holocaust - spurious garbage. News of atrocities were being reported throughout the war. 

Hell, atrocities against those in the occupied east were used as propaganda. The 'liquidation' of Lidice, Czechoslovakia in reprisal for the death of Reinhard Heydrich was used on posters by the British, it was not hidden at all.

Andy Ngo is a devious little shit who pushes dishonesty regarding the fight against fascism to new levels. He is a trusted friend of Far Right Extremists and has aided in the intimidation of journalists.

ESPECIALLY don't trust him on anything to do with Nazism. He has NO clue.

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