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Interview with a high school philosophy teacher in Trappes, a Muslim-majority Banlieue in France, who is now under police protection because of death threats. Some selected tidbits...

Given what I know of the demographic "French high school philosophy professor", and based on the highly scientific fact of his haircut, I will bet all the money in my checking account that this guy is a bien-pensant left-of-center man. Yet, mugged by reality...

"Everything began 20 years when they burned down the synagogue. Then all the Jews left. Now the atheists and moderate Muslims are leaving. ... The islamists are succeeding in cleansing the city. ... It's accelerating; in two years, I have seen more transformation in the pupils...

... and in public space than in the past 20 years. Today, attacks on laïcité are collective and highly organized."

"Trappes is lost forever (to Islamism.)"

"We no longer have much time until things get out of hand. Many of these children are brought up to hate France. We are not far from an Algeria-type scenario, and we are no longer in a state of peace. We need emergency laws, and they must target the enemy."

"In Trappes, women ... cannot walk into a café. It's inimaginable."

The teacher says when he complained to the mayor of death threats, he called him an islamophobe and a racist.

One parent told him: "If you keep talking about Islam, you will be the next Samuel Paty."

"For young people, the murder of Samuel Paty is now a model to imitate. We are dealing with hundreds of provocations, including in primary schools."

cc @shadihamid

Left of center people who tsk-tsk Macron, it seems to me, must have no idea what's going on in France. No idea of the reality of the Islamist threat, which is carving out public spaces in open defiance of the law, and no idea how French people feel about it. They should be ...

... his biggest fans, because no matter how far "right" Macron travels, he is still well to the left of the median Frenchman, and they should root for him deeply, because they will probably feel way worse about the alternative.

When you have high school philosophy teachers--and, O, my Anglo followers, you have not seen, you have never even imagined, the levels of bien-pensant leftiness of the French high school philosophy teacher--saying stuff like "we need emergency laws to target the enemy".........

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