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On top of the arts required as a prerequisite for war, such as horseback-riding and hunting (self-explanatory), but also dancing, which taught the balance needed for swordmanship. Indeed, dancing was a mandatory part of the curriculum for French Musketeers. French classical...

... culture, man. It's just this intricate, fractal combination of extreme manliness and extreme sophistication. Today we remember the gold of Versailles and the silk stockings, but we have to remember these were men who spent their summers doing war. Louis XIV spent two hours...

... a day, every day, riding/hunting, into his late 60s, until he was physically unable to. You, modern man, would not be able to mock his embroidered clothes to his face. You would look down and stutter, suddenly feeling embarrassed and very small.

(As one of my followers reminded me, he was also a world-class dancer. While leading the most powerful kingdom in Europe. We are dealing here with levels of Chad which you cannot even comprehend.)

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