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1. Call to action for DC 12/21 by a so-called "reporter."

2. The plan unfolds. 12/21

3. Even funds were offered. 12/21

4. National call to go 12/22

5. 12/30

6. Hotel Harrington offers up $1/night room 12/30

7. Cont. Rooms booked 12/30

8. Cont 12/30

9. Cont 12/30

10. 12/30 cont. Hang w me.
Im adding it all the fastest way they will let me.

11. 12/30 Cont - Mention of Soros VIP rewards program

12. 12/30 Cont - She knows him very well.

13. 12/30 Cont

14. 12/30 Cont

15. 12/30 Cont.

16. 1/2/21 More advice to come

17. 1/2/21 Mention of Nov 14th and Dec 12th events in DC. This was revenge.

18. 1/3/21 She asks for clarification on a response to her tweet (from 1/2). The original tweet had been deleted by the user, but she repeated it.

19. 1/2 - Response to her tweet on 1/2 shows that not everyone was welcoming her and what was planned.

20. 1/2 More of that conversation

21. 1/5 She begins reporting on the ground of DC. By "reporting" I am talking about giving locations of police and PB to others.

22. 1/5 Reporting location of chuds (Patriots)

23. 1/5 More reporting locations.

24. 1/5 One response to her tweet.

25. 1/5 "Brace for the inevitable coup." --- then a deleted tweet.
"One can imagine how the chuds in DC will react."

26. 1/5 - Discussion about label of Pres. Memorandum

27. Here is the memo: 

28. 1/5 Cont.

29. 1/5 - Inside DC.

30. 1/6 Ready and tweeting who to follow today

31. 1/6 So their "reporters" are everywhere recording all that is going on. Here is another one documenting it all.

32. 1/6 There are too many to share from the day. I will show the highlights of what they were doing. Mind you, Antifa and others were also in the crowds. They all played roles.

33. 1/6 They were already watching this one early that day.

34. 1/6 This guy was compiling the "militia" groups into one thread. Obviously, documenting w time stamps on almost all 9f his posts. He was off on his time by an hour on all of his posts. He reports 10:30 amET, but photo is 9:23am. "Christ is King" militia 😂

35. 1/6 He notes bookmarking non-militia "actors." Again time is off by about an hour.

36. 1/6 They were specifically looking for certain groups (patches) and were able to identify them as they posted.

37. 1/6 Reported at 12:03. He also notes when Congress is set to confirm the election results at 1pm.

38. 1/6 Identifies the Dont Tread on Me flag as representative of militia.

39. 1/6 Not displaying anyones face, he states that one RALLIER is wearing weighted knuckle fighting gloves.
How would he KNOW that???
Take a look at his page next to it.

40. 1/6 - Remember our "reporter" which set up this event w rooms from Soros? She had this published in Teen Vogue on 1/6.

41. 1/6 Teen Vogue article. 

42. 1/6 They already had a collage of people to identify of those leaving the Capital.

43. 1/6 Throughout the day, they were monitoring Parler and also showing how to exam the EXIF data from the videos.
Parler would later be hacked.

44. 1/6 I have one more thread to share on this day to show the amount of organization there was on that day. He compiled a long thread on 1/9. The 3 people named worked together.

45. 1/6 We all know our job description....
JOKES about coming for congress reps was still vague.

46. 1/6 The documentation continues. Looking for good face pic.

47. 1/6 "These trumpers were thankful inwas documenting and thought I was on their side...."

48. 1/6 At the end of the day, they were burning the Trump gear they had bought to blend in.

49. 1/7 The next day...

50. 1/7 They celebrated the next day w champagne.
Remember how you felt?

51. Over the next days & weeks, these "reporters" would turn over footage to others, but WHO are they and WHAT were they involved in?
They ONLY released and named those who support Trump.

52. I will end w this.

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