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The #toolkit dropped by @GretaThunberg had many key players but the name of the foreign expert Pieter Friedrich was dramatic as he was the part of a true story we were working(About group which tried every possible way to unsettle India)

These series of events have been around everyone for long but yet major stakeholders failed to notice this shift from proxy war to info-war/psy-war
Our attempt was to try & map this network, we did expect a elaborate design but the reach & depth of the planning was shocking(2/17)

The proxy war:
The story starts from the 1980’s, where Bhajan Singh Bhinder aka Iqbal choudhary was funding a terror network for carrying out large scale violence with the help of another terrorist Lal Singh & Pakistan’s ISI. India escaped this attack,Lal Singh got arrested(3/17)

These attacks were part of a large conspiracy called K-2(#Kashmir-#Khalistan), which hatched in Lahore under patronage of Amir ul Azeem, the secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami and was supported by several others like the Uncle of present S&T minister of Pakistan @fawadchaudhry (4/17)

At the same time in the US Bhinder & his gang were involved in a major trans-national drug trafficking & a DVD privacy network. In order to fund this network they managed to take control of the most prominent Gurdwara(Fremont Gurdwara) after a bloody fight within Gurdwara (5/17)

The 2nd failed attempt in proxy war:
Bhinder was trying to procure weapon to be sent to India via Pakistan. But this quest got him in police nets in the US. An investigation by DEA Agent Tim Lum revealed that Bhinder was looking for massive fire power to be sent to India.(6/17)

The shift to info/psy war: Carrying the load failed efforts to send weapons to India and with the change of millennium Bhinder decided to change his methods and shifted his focus to info-war against India and make use of the online platform but for that he need a fresh face(7/17)

This is when Bhinder finds a young Christian Missionary Pieter Freidrich, who had a decent oratory& writing skill but was economically struggling, he was even ready to work as security guard, and hence the offer to become an ‘expert-activist’ was quite lucrative to refuse. (8/17)

Pieter came on board & found a new role as an anti-Gandhi crusader. But it was important to provide credibility to Pieter, so a number of institutions & organizations were formed in the US – prominent being Organization for Indian Minorities (OFMI)(9/17)
Img: Web of Institutions

OFMI was purportedly set up for the cause of minorities in India but had no Indian or Indian-origin minority in it. To further boost Pieter’s credibility a no. of books were published in his name through the company, Sovereign Star publishing registered by Bhinder in 2007(10/17)

The design seemed almost the replica of what was happening in proxy war except the weapons were replaced by #disinformation. However, the early attempts were not smooth, Pieter changed his name 3-4 times, writing book in various aliases and also appeared in different names(11/17)

But the modus operandi was standard: set some books published in his name, few articles in compliant news portals , create some social media avatar and start connecting with social media amplifiers.(12/17)

Bhinder-Pieter duo 1st started their tirade against Mahatma Gandhi. The objective was to malign the image of non-violence associated with India. But in order to dent India’s image it was necessary to provide an alternative narrative,so they portrayed India as ‘fascist state’13/17

Despite the elaborate planning,it was hard for them to get audience & credibility in Indian media.But Pieter managed to hook up a significant following amongst India’s major influencers. The beauty of the project is evident from the list of media & social media amplifiers 14/17

The brilliance of this operation was not merely the planning and execution- the makers also wanted to make it self-sustainable. Pieter had started a fund raising for his ‘cause’, and claimed to have raised $30K. But all this fund raising was a added bonus to credibility. (15/17)

Not surprisingly a lion’s share in OFMI & Pieter’s promotion come form #Pakistan, from Cabinet Minister to Influencers & Media.@fawadchaudhry is one of the prominent promoter, whose uncle Choudhary Sr. had played significant role in orchestrating the terror attacks in India.16/17

The OFMI & Pieter’s promoters might have been fooled by their projections –a White Expert & a US based Organization but they should have been aware about the nature & extent of info warfare ongoing against India. Their fall for this charade is an irony of epic proportion (17/17)

This is the Part 1 of our upcoming multi-part series on Info-war against India !!


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