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Mike Stuchbery 💀🍷
+ Your AuthorsArchive @MikeStuchbery_ Writer, Journalist & Teacher. Sometimes does stuff for @TheLocalEurope. Feb. 19, 2021 1 min read

Patriotic Alternative associate 'Morgoth' is having a cry on Telegram about me. I guess I'll respond here.

Thing is, 'Morgoth', those castles don't represent any *real* past. Many aspects of their design are a complete fabrication & served ultra-nationalist narratives.

What? There's nothing in my ideology that rejects romanticism or beauty in architecture. I've worked in heritage conservation and education for churches, you silly trout. I've advocated for sympathetic restorations over modern constructions.

I'm an Anglican, who despises brutalist architecture and spends his free time in medieval churches, but go off king.

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