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Mike Stuchbery 💀🍷
+ Your AuthorsArchive @MikeStuchbery_ Writer, Journalist & Teacher. Sometimes does stuff for @TheLocalEurope. Feb. 21, 2021 1 min read

Bunch of catastrophically moronic Nazi fanboys added me to a *Facebook* chat where they share pics of their guns alongside threats of violence and the usual racist crap... /1

The kind of Facebook chat where you can see every single member of the group... and go to their profile. /2

Hate to break it to you lads, but the whole lot is there, and being saved. /3

I wonder what Adam McElwee's girlfriend thinks of him spending talking to folks who want her dead? /4

Alexus DuBois was dumb enough to have her location and her Alma mater. /5

If Belden Faulk is still serving, he'd want to practice better OpSec. /6

I cannot begin to tell you how stupid it is to involve yourself in these groups. Furthermore, doing it with your public Facebook profile? Imbecilic. /7

You get the point. Don't be a goddamn moronic Nazi, and especially on Facebook. /FIN

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