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Our team built r/OnDeckBets for @beondeck's Global Build Week & it was an awesome experience 🔥

We built a simulated environment for trading non-monetary wagers on future events related to On Deck Fellows & the community.

Sharing quick highlights & our wins in this🧵

How does it work?
For everyone who signs up to r/OnDeckBets's web app we award them OD$100 to buy stocks and bet on 75 Teams who participated in the Build Weekend.

You can also sell your stock and buy invest it another promising startup 😉

Why did we create it?
We wanted to see how people viewed future events in a tight knit community like @beondeck and the willingness to wager on them. Also, its damn fun 🤑

Who worked on it?

Along with @Matt_Levine_1 @kelsmels1 @MagNorris @ItsUrBoyEvan & @atsaotsao, we worked seamlessly with their strengths and focused on shipping consistently 🤩

How did we pull this off?

1️⃣ It was seamless experience collaborating with @atsaotsao on building the logic and solution on long zoom sessions.

2️⃣ Core Logic of trading stocks built by subjects experts like @kelsmels1, @MagNorris & @Matt_Levine_1.

3️⃣ Content made for quick actions and wins by the amazing @Matt_Levine_1, @MagNorris, @kelsmels1 & @ItsUrBoyEvan

4️⃣ They also facilitated Deals, Hype memes and wonderful comedic content was shared within the community to bring awareness.

5️⃣ @Matt_Levine_1's amazing pitch!!

The Results?
Great traction on some stocks 🔥

We also won two awards:
🏆 Most Entertaining Pitch
🏆 Best OD Community Build

I'm pleasantly surprised and still in shock 🤩

Special thank you for my team again and thank you @beondeck, @rishi_tripathy_, @thisiskp_ team organising the build weekend!

Here is a quick preview of how the trading floor works ⚡️

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