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Julian Shapiro
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I've helped probably 700 startups redo their websites.

These 4 marketing patterns stood out to me 🧙‍♂️

See the images below.

Notice how you're naturally drawn toward the call to action?

Decades of (marketing) psychology have shown that our eyes follow the eyes of others.

I like seeing signup buttons that describe WHAT you get by signing up. For example:

• Read for free
• Create a meal plan

The default generic phrases are uninspiring:

• Get started
• Try now

Instead, remind people what's in it for them.

Sometimes I see marketers use a 2-part header pattern:

Part 1: Exactly what their startup does
Part 2: *How much better* they do it than everyone else

This can outperform fluff like "Welcome to your new HQ"

This isn't a rule—just an idea to test among many.

Sample rewrites:

The sites below have been REWRITTEN to clearly state the benefit and *implication* of the benefit.

Benefit: Email without typos (Green)
Implication: So you don't lose clients (Purple)

Benefit: Clear your inbox
Implication: So you can go home early

Try relating to real problems

I’ll share more strategies after I do another website batch review. Follow me for the next thread: @Julian

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