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Andy Fidel 🏳️‍🌈
+ Your AuthorsArchive @AndyFidel_ Social Experience Strategist 🧬 Spatial Network Evangelist - Exploring social side of immersive technology 🎙️ Weekly #SpatialChat #socialVR Mar. 08, 2021 1 min read

#MozFest 2021 kicks off today! 🎉
Arrive with an idea, leave with a community

500+ sessions
13 Spaces
12 days
10 hours/day

How to #MozFest, part 1 

How to #MozFest, part 2 

Countdown to #MozFest begins!

✅ Tickets 
✅ Explore Central Hub & Plaza 
✅ Join today's opening circle

#MozFest2021 @mozillafestival

#MozFest 🙌 Upload your photo to  to be included in the MozFest 2021 group photo @mozillafestival

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