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Laura Kayali
+ Your AuthorsArchive @LauKaya Tech reporter @POLITICOEurope — ex @Contexte — Policy nerd mourning the end of #KUWTK — DM for Signal. [email protected] Mar. 23, 2021 1 min read

French data protection watchdog CNIL cast doubt on Apple’s privacy compliance, in a confidential note seen by POLITICO. According to the document, it appears that Apple does not collect consent for its own advertising platform, when it should. 

The note, dated December 17, is an opinion given to the country’s competition authority to inform a case that pits the U.S. tech giant against four organizations representing the French online advertising ecosystem over Apple's App Tracking Transparency.

The CNIL’s wording is cautious because the regulator was only asked to inform a case, not investigate it. But the regulator’s assessment could have damning consequences for Apple, if confirmed in the context of a privacy complaint filed in March by startup lobby France Digitale.

Apple pointed back to an earlier statement: “Privacy is built into the ads we sell on our platform. We hold ourselves to a higher standard by allowing users to opt out of Apple’s limited first-party data use for personalized advertising, a feature that makes us unique.”

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