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"I love remote work, but I'm having trouble with boundaries between my work and personal life. I used to use my commute to relax, now I can't turn my brain off."

Let's talk about this. Starting with: you don't need a commute, you need a ritual 👇

The average commute time is around 30 minutes each way. That means the average person has an extra 5 hours per week when they work from home.

It’s easy to automatically put this time towards working more, but what if you took advantage of the extra time instead?

You can create your own version of a commute via a ritual, with all the benefits of providing much-needed boundaries and turning off your brain, without the stressful downsides of traffic, dealing with public transportation, or expense.

Here's the difference between a traditional commute and a ritual:

What might your ritual look like?
• Walk around the block
• Read an interesting book
• Clean while listening to your favorite podcast

My friend likes to cook deliciously intricate breakfasts and dinners. @AmandaMGoetz shared she does a "commute" bath:

How to design your own commute:

1. Determine what you’re currently doing with your commute time: Working more? Social media? Where has that time been going to?

2. Consider where you want to spend that extra time: Are there activities that would better serve you? How can you put yourself in the best mindset? If you don’t know where to start, try out one of the examples above.

3. Create action steps on incorporating your new ritual: This might be a big change for you. Start with baby steps and iterate based on what works and what doesn’t.

Just because you don’t have a formal commute decided on for you, doesn’t mean you can’t have a transition ritual to help you separate between your work and personal time.

By being intentional with your newly added time, you can stop overworking yourself, and spend more time doing what you love.

What does your commute reimagined look like?

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