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Here’s how the UK political leadership class of 2010 shamelessly cashed in on their political careers. Starting with Nick Clegg, George Osborne, then David Cameron.👇🏾 [mini thread) 

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg became a PR man for Facebook. Even though was critical of the firm in the past, “the salary of over £1 million per year must have helped concentrate the mind,” - GQ 

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborn probably profited the most from his political career. He went on to simultaneously hold 9 jobs at one point, with one role paying £650,000 a year for working 1 day a week. He’s now a full-time investment banker. 

Finally the ex Prime Minster David Cameron took a job with Greensill Capital & stood to make a reported £60m before the firm collapsed. We now know he lobbied the current government extensively, hoping to win favours and government contracts for Greensill. 

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