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Curious how a company with a $2+ trillion market-cap writes persuasive copy?

Here are 13 ways Apple persuades readers with its copywriting 🧵

1. Focus on one idea

Each Apple headline focuses on one idea.

It draws all attention and awareness to that benefit.

By keeping the focus on one idea, Apple is able to communicate its message effectively.

2. Write for scanners

76% of website goers are scanners.

Apple follows three rules when writing for this:

- Big headlines to showcase one idea
- Use sub-headlines to entice scanners to read
- Use the inverted pyramid for paragraphs (biggest benefit to smallest)

3. But also for readers

The majority of visitors will be scanners. But write for the readers too.

Apple makes reading their copy effortless.

They use short paragraphs. Short sentences. And simple words.

4. Short and broken sentences

Many times you’ll notice Apple starting sentences with “and” or “but.”

Sure, it’s not traditional. But, it’s easier to read. Easier to understand. And makes digging through sales copy a breeze.

Their goal is to get visitors to keep reading.

5. Address problems

Apple presents its features as solutions to your problem.

For example, iPhones' new night mode is a feature.

They present it as a solution to a problem.

Terrible shots at night?

Now you can shoot “portraits that come out at night.”

6. Share the details

Apple shows out too.

Most of their copy is simple and easy to understand.

But when they get into the nitty-gritty, they’re trying to impress you.

Breaking down the technical details solidifies them as an expert.

It builds confidence in their products.

And is convincing.

Even if you don’t know wtf an “A14 Bionic Chip” is.

7. Use analogies

Analogies help connects something complicated with something known.

When you’re presented with something complicated to explain — present the reader with an analogy to make it easy to understand.

Here’s how Apple did it:

8. Adress objections

Anticipate consumer's objections.

And one by one, address them.

This will reassure buyers that they’re making the right decision.

iPhone users complain about breaking their screen.

Apple presents its new screen with “tougher than any smartphone glass.”

9. Compare to upsell

Anytime Apple releases a new product, they compare it to the previous one.


Apple users tend to want the next best thing.

By constantly comparing the features and upgrades, they make a case for the new product being better.

This makes an easy upsell.

10. Use power words

Power words like “you, your, imagine, new” are used frequently throughout their sales copy.

Power words help the consumer picture themself with the product.

Apple used the words “you” and “your” 110 times in their copy for the iPhone 5.

11. Rhyme

Apple’s copy work is an art.

In many ways Apple’s copy is poetic.

They use rhymes to make their copy smooth.

Plus, it makes copy very easy to remember.

12. Alliteration

Alliteration is the repeat of initial consonants.

It’s another form of rhyme sometimes called head rhyme.

Apple uses it to address important points.

For ex:

“A display that’s not just smaller. It’s smarter.”

13. Repetition

Apple re-uses a word in the same sentence to add an emphasis.

Again, the repetition illustrates an emphasis of “X”

For example:

"And because it’s so easy to use, it’s easy to love."

Here's another:

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1. Focus on one idea
2. Write for scanners
3. But also write for readers
4. Short and broken sentences
5. Adress the problems
6. Share the details
7. Use analogies
8. Adress objections
9. Compare to upsell
10. Use power words
11. Rhyme
12. Alliteration
13. Repetition

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