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Mike Gow 高英智
+ Your AuthorsArchive @mikeygow Lecturer (Asst Prof) in Bus Mgt @EHU_Business Consumerism, Citizenship & Identity in Xi Jinping’s China. Father 父亲 Husband 丈夫 Brother 兄弟 Son 儿子 #Everton #Celtic May. 07, 2021 1 min read

If labour power is going to be automated in this recapture of the means of production, then this cringingly euphemistic trickery called “subsidised industrial productivity” needs to be result in public ownership of automated labour power

@uklabour @Keir_Starmer

In plain English: if corporations expect tax payers to incentivize them to set up automated factories, then taxpayers should have a share in the ownership of those factories.

Otherwise this will result in taxpayers footing the bill for their own further disenfranchisement

We’ve seen massive problems already in the service sector, whereby companies like Uber, Deliveroo, AirBnB have mitigated risk by monopolising their subject of labour (gigs, jobs, bookings) but the means of production (cars, bikes, property) has remained with workers

Marxism, as a critique of capitalism, provides numerous concepts which help us understand how it is transforming in the 21st century

New technologies are transforming capitalism, as a mode of production, in ways that hammer workers from almost every angle

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