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Joshua Cypess
+ Your AuthorsArchive @JoshuaCypess PhD social scientist & Orthodox Rabbi. We're all in this together. He/him. #BlackLivesMatter #Steelers #Mets #Resist May. 16, 2021 4 min read

44.01/ Week Forty-four, May 15-21 2021, begins here.

[note: Forty should have a 'u' in it, no? English is a weird language.]

Week 43 below:

44.02/ So many people I assumed were motivated by greed (for money, abstract resources) and/or power are actually driven by ego. This discovery required a major retooling of my understanding of moral philosophy

e.g. during the #TrumpCrisis people risked their lives just for ego

44.03/ Long thread about 'fear' (45 Posts)

44.04/ Agreed, and said this at the time.

44.05/ Agreed.

Any social scientist/humanist who doesn't have this in mind when talking about humanity has a fundamental flaw in their method of analysis.

44.06/ Holy cow!

I just... look, it's the Two State Solution or a permanent horror show.

But I'm just not surprised that this POV is gaining currency. It's depressing but not surprising.

44.07/ Aw man, #PaulMooney died. Barukh Dayan ha-Emet. One of the legends of comedy

44.08/ It's exhausting to see a question about whether you should exist debated in public. Not only because (a) there's a vast number of people who would be happy if you *didn't* exist, but (b) even more "reasonable" - even liberal! - folk who think the debate is acceptable.

44.09/ Like clockwork: Israel in the news -> open antisemitic attacks.

Most likely these are N*zis using PAL flags as a cover, yet I beg my fellow liberals to see this and take more care to avoid slurs that add hate & impugn blood libel. Words can kill!

44.10/ Thread about news coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict, bias, anthropology, ethics, and how to deliver a eulogy.

33 Posts.

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44.11/ Agreed. And it applies to so many ideas the #Literalist libertarians have foisted on us over the decades.

When a solution works well, it feels irrelevant. Civilization feels onerous & extraneous, so the brutes fool around & find out.

44.12/ Oh my goodness, yes. I feel the same way as @ohjasminee.

Jewish tradition treats an expectant pregnancy with trepidation; it's a dangerous time and every birth is a miracle.

(This is also why "gender reveal parties" are doubly ugly to me.)

44.13/ Re: 44.10 & where the power lies in journalism & what structures are shaping the news industry (IMO for the worse)

44.14/ Not just a team of injured #Mets but pretty much all starters.

44.15a/ Dr. Blackstock's point is good & this is yet another case where technical solutions are well known & the problem is persuading and/or changing the power structure to implement the policies they claim to uphold.

44.15b/ Basically, while it's fashionable to emphasize STEM training, time and again I see that technical knowledge is inert without the people skills taught in "soft" fields.

(Note, I'm assuming Dr. Blackstock would agree with me) 

44.16/ This is a powerful thread and it emphasizes what I said in 44.06 above: it's either a "two-state solution" or unacceptable horror.

"Two States" can mean many endpoints, but it will result in the integrity & humanity of the vulnerable sides.

44.17/ Heaven knows I love a good principle, and this is top notch:

“Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution.” — Clay Shirky

44.18/ This is a valuable deep-dive into how to parse out misinformation online. I appreciate the effort and the detail.

44.19/ This is making the rounds:

& I appreciate this follow-up

44.20/ This is a heckuva thread by the estimable @JewishWonk, providing a view of how the luster of Medinat Yisrael is perceived through a Jewish Russian-American's eyes.

44.21/ Jacob #DeGrom, the Mets ace, was doing a rehab stint this week and faced a low-A baseball team and the results were like Bambi vs. Godzilla. But they were good sports about it.

44.22/ Boy if this ain't the truth. I've long been wary of the people whose Utopians can't provide details

44.23/ Yup. Probably need a whole museum for uncategorized bigotry (not a joke). Sigh.

44.24/ Yeah, "pro-life" is a filthy euphemism for those who can't control their desire to dominate others: for women, it's forced-birth, for prisoners, it's torture & death

44.25/ Sadly I've seen this dynamic in people in many disempowered groups (including the ones I'm in). It's often very clear to me who will become a tyrant if they were on top of the pyramid (see: T*RFs, the dirtb*g Left)

44.26/ Re: journalism (see above). This is a GREAT example of the malpractice of headlines vs. story

44.27/ Really great perspective from (my mutual) @revmagdalen

44.28/ Indeed. In fact Jewish history is often a long series of stories of my people being much more afraid of our neighbors than from the top of the pyramid (which may explain a communal impulse to support whoever is in charge of the polity)

44.29/ It's been a weird week (Shavuot made this feel like three weeks in one, or Beha'alotekha). But we have a cease fire, thank God. #ShabbatShalom y'all.


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