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A challenge. #firstprinciplesofmovement

Sad that guideline discordant care persists inspite over 35 years of dissemination of guidelines. The evidence-practice gap is hard for many to cross.

#livedexperience is key to person-centered @MyCuppaJo

The Clinical & Training Framework
CC. - chief complaint
AI. - activity intolerance
YFs - Beliefs & Yellow Flags

MS. - mechanical sensitivity).
BF - Baseline floor & Painless dysfunction

SC- Self Care
Connect the Dots

#livedexperience I love this frame - patients, clinicians & researchers.

Ask. Listen more. Talk less.

No show. Empathy. Communication



I often hear patient’s are non-compliant. Clearly, clinicians can learn soft skills to better empower people.

Listen Listen to help people make decisions. Ironic. #painpatientadvocate

#AHCPR 1984 Focus on function #functionbettertofeelbetter Guidelines

Process is King. The profile template is key to the gap analysis.

A persons biography informs everything we do.

As hard as implementation of high-value care let’s level up. @JanHartvigsen @_Tyson_Beach @jpcaneiro @JeremyLewisPT #knowledgetranslation @MaryOKeeffe007 #fromcelltosociety

Free 25+ hour webinar on high-value Prehab/rehab w/ #lorimermoseley @NickWinkelman @_rachelbalkovec @MattLowPT @Peter_Stilwell @rychow & others 


#livedexperience Listening a soft skill

Rather than diagnose a hypothetical pain generator acknowledge complexity by determining our patients valued life activities & perceived barriers to return to participation

Accepting uncertainty is the beginning of #failuretolerance @_rachelbalkovec

#evidencepracticegap @CGMMaher

Ongoing concierge interaction via texts/calls/email to provide ongoing support. This is needed to pivot client from a reactive mindset to a sustainable, resilient one that focuses on landmarks not timelines & is tolerant of flare-ups.

Connect the Dots - Make sense of how the plan relates to the person’s story. The Teach Back process (can the client express the why behind the what succinctly in their own words?) #behavioraleconomics #nudge

Enjoy. It might be easier to read this way. #firstprinciplesofmovement

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