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Joshua Cypess
+ Your AuthorsArchive @JoshuaCypess PhD social scientist & Orthodox Rabbi. We're all in this together. He/him. #BlackLivesMatter #Steelers #Mets #Resist May. 23, 2021 6 min read

45.01/ Week Forty-five, May 22-28 2021, begins here.

Week 44 below:

45.02/ Re-upping this thread from Friday about journalism and why the NYT can be seen as biased vs. Arabs & Israelis.

45.03/ I just wrote up a follow-up to the above thread that goes deeper into my social-scientific (data-poor, sorry) analysis of the American perception of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

45.04/ Good thread here :)

No doubt, there's big "major donor relations" vibe to the slog of verses at the end of parshat Naso (#ParshaHumor)

45.05/ This week's #Parsha is the hardest to transliterate. I've found: Behaalotkha, Beha'alotekha, Beha’alotcha, Behaalosecha, Be-Ha'alotkha, Beha'alotcha, Beha'alotekha, Behaloscha, Behaalotekha, beha'alosecha, Biha'alotkha, BeHa'alotekha, BeHaaloscha...

Easiest? Bo & Balak

45.06/ I love this.

[To dissect the joke: The caption in Hebrew should translate as "HaRav Kaduri meets the [Lubavitcher] Rebbe" instead HaRav is transliterated as "Herb", Kaduri literally translated as "Meatballs", and HaRebbe as "Herbie".]

45.07/ Murphy is right. And the Q-loony is exhibit eleventy-billion for why frum Republicans lose any standing to complain about the far-Left anti-Israel politicians.

Personally, I fear both extremes, but they vilify only one group & ignore the other.

45.08/ This is how I understand it as well ("Pride is a protest, not a parade.")

I remember the 80s AIDS crisis & the erasure - and sadly, the encouragement! - of LBGTQ suffering. I saw Pride as an act of survival, resistance, and defiance.

45.09/ This was overdue; I'm sorry it took this long, but I finally became a patron of David M. Perry on @patreon, and I recommend him to you as well. I've enjoyed reading his work for years. It's my flavor of academic activism (mint choc chip?)

45.10/ Same.

45.11/ Perfectly said.

"An apology without changed behavior is manipulation"

45.12/ We need to have @Simone_Biles in remake of Gymkata, immediately. Or we can go the Chuck Norris route. Either way she's an action franchise hero waiting to happen.  & 

45.13/ @OhNoSheTwitnt is a brilliant wordsmith

45.14/ When fandom leads to violence then it's crossed over into evil. Online is real life, BTW.

"Because I love the team" is not an excuse. Abuse isn't love (and those people need counseling, stat).

Anger from losing a bet? That's a dangerous addiction.

45.15/ My knowledge of Jewish history drives my mission to be anti-racist. Oppression & abuse wears different masks over the eons but it's the same methods with the same goal of dehumanization & power

This also means I recognize oppressive ideologies no matter what mask it wears

45.16/ On target. "The two twitters"

(Re: Pluto has not completed one orbit around the sun since it's discovery)

(Sorry for the bad language in the second image. Since I don't think there's alt-text, I'll repost the images, but @erinbiba gets credit)

45.17/ Great (long) thread about one way to understand the GOP's full embrace of their anti-democratic ideology. It's been a long time coming. Dovetails well with what I've been reading from @HC_Richardson & @TimothyDSnyder

45.18/ I'm not the only one to suggest that the #LGM centerfielders have become like Spinal Tap drummers. Even John Fogerty would have second thoughts. 

45.19/ This is true, and it's after-tax income. This was the evil goal of the Reagan regime & the GOP zombies.

Were I to run for office, I would emphasize how a properly functioning government saves an enormous amount of money. It's economy of scale!

45.20/ Ygl*sias is 95% Dunning-Kruger snark, but 5% of the time that spits out a decent joke:

45.21/ Senator, I support #BLM *because* I'm Jewish. The world told us our lives were cheap during the Shoah. Why invoke "All Lives Matter" against me?

Making Muslims & Jews necessary opposites is bigoted b/c it makes US Jews a reductive proxy of Israel!

45.22/ The newest issue of Derech HaTevah, the science journal of YU's Stern College for Women, just dropped. Torah U-Madda at its finest.



45.23/ The Feelings Wheel is extraordinary! (even though I'm late to this discovery). Great for the neurodiverse, for writers, for children, etc.


Alt-text link via @genderjoy: 

45.24/ This story is the Caine-Hackman of sleazeball scandals.

45.25/ Good way to put it.

45.26/ Well that was certainly exciting #Knicks

45.27/ One of the best aspects of Twitter - that I can interact with cool, even heroic experts (e.g. Chuck Yeager, Eric Carle before they passed) - has a mirror image of a false flattening of ability.

(also, Silver has gone from pathetic to dangerous)

45.28/ If this data is reliable, then the CDC did the right public health thing about the masks. OTOH, I've seen a marked increase in reckless behavior in my town. But the benefit (real rise in vax #) likely outweighs that cost. 

45.29/ This article looks like it was specially crafted for my brother @acypess, aka "Doctor Acting Section Chief" 

45.30/ #YaketySax anyone? #MLB

45.31/ Definitely appreciate the half-glass-full perspective here

45.32/ Some days I feel like the gibbon; some, the guys in the cars; and some, like the photographer

45.33/ This is a good list of gendered-phrases to avoid.

& some responses add to it (I need to collect these)




45.34/ @Popehat is another person, like @OhNoSheTwitnt, whose wit I envy:

45.35/ I loved reading Greek myths as a kid & they are a bedrock of English language literature. Recently, @rickriordan has done a lot to popularize the gods as characters. A sequela of RR's work, IMO, is this fun genre:

45.36/ I felt a need to write a thread about antisemitism and antizionism. It's not enough, but it's likely going to be more than enough for the trolls, tankies and fellow travelers. 

45.37/ Thread about the ethical dilemma of figuring out if you're supporting or oppressing a minority group, especially when your support for one side may just be disguised self-interest.

Is it a sequel to last night's thread? Maybe.

45.38/ Another follow-up thread to my "news bias" discussions over the past few days.

45.39/ The background for this letter from the ADL is complicated but basically the Rutgers admin. apologized Thurs. for saying they were against antisemitism on Wed. because in doing so they were accused of unfairly supporting Israel. They fell for it.

45.40/ While I still advocate for statistics over calculus in HS, @EmilyGorcenski's concern is a real one. IMO, we should stop elevating sports betting analysts into political commentators and also recognize the specific Dunning-Kruger found in STEMlords.

45.41/ [Crying] this is so beautiful...

45.42/ My daughter asked why we get brain-freeze from eating ice cream too quickly. According to this, it's my favorite cause: "referred pain"!

(I like RP b/c it demonstrates how the body is a system; it's a good metaphor for most social problems, too) 

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