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When you think of the era of the ancient Egyptians and Minoans, what do you suppose was going on to the north, in central Europe?

Today, a new exhibition opened at @MuseumHalle in Halle, Germany called 'The Realm of the Sky Disk: New Horizons'.

Alongside the @MuseumHalle exhibition, a book has been released (in German) called 'Reach for the Stars', that examines what was going on in what is now Germany, in the 2nd millennium BCE.

One thing that visitors will discover is that the people who lived in Central Europe more than three thousand years ago prized beautiful things - they had an eye for wonderful design.

Grave goods from princely burials at Leubingen and Dieskau are a testament to this.

It's way more than beautiful things though. Perhaps even more interesting is the complex astronomical knowledge the Bronze Age peoples of central Europe had.

Visitors to the exhibition will learn about the wooden henge at Pommelte, an observatory, and holy site.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of this exhibition is the discussion of the transmission of religious belief - a common sun worship that stretched from Egypt to Denmark.

Finds at the exhibition all speak of a common family of beliefs.

Of course, the heart of the @MuseumHalle exhibition is the Nebra Sky Disk and its accompanying hoard.

It will be on display there until January, at which point it will head to England, to the @BritishMuseum.

'Reach for the Stars' also features a wealth of new research on the Nebra Sky Disk, showing how it was manufactured and changed over time.

So @PrehiStorytellr just tweeted a thread giving her impressions of the exhibition - it's safe to say she is an expert!

If you are able to, I highly recommend a visit to the exhibition. I absolutely will be heading up there, and giving my impressions.

Here's everything you need to know, in English. 

It you are a confident German speaker, you can also purchase 'Reach for the Stars' here. 

I really hope you enjoy both the exhibition and the book. The book is astonishing, with some amazing revelations, and if it's any reflection on the exhibition, visitors are in for a treat!

Time for me to head back to Halle!

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