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Joshua Cypess
+ Your AuthorsArchive @JoshuaCypess PhD social scientist & Orthodox Rabbi. We're all in this together. He/him. #BlackLivesMatter #Steelers #Mets #Resist Jun. 06, 2021 6 min read

47.01/ Week Forty-seven, June 5-11 2021, begins here.

Week 46 below

47.02/ Congratulations to my sister-in-law, @LeahCypess, on being nominated for a Nebula for her Novelette "Stepsister” (from F&SF 5-6/20).

I'm thinking of holding a press conference at Four Season's FantasyLandscaping to question to vote tallies. 

47.03/ Totally agree with this. Basically, this is how McCain ended his career, and Romney knows this game too. It's what ego-driven politicians are supposed to know to do!

47.04/ June 6th always means D-Day to me, but there are some other important anniversaries as well:

47.05/ And this was June 5th. What an extraordinary video! I agree, it carries an even greater impact than the still pic (which is one of the most important pictures of modern history)

47.06/ This correlates with what I've seen in other cases (e.g. Kavanaugh vote). People like acting cynical and say "all politicians lie" & then they believe everything out of their mouths. You *must* read in between the lines & see their words as postures

47.07/ This is well said by Dr. Brett.

BTW, understanding things as a result of structure vs. individual decisions in a vacuum is the heart of social science (and critical race theory; disputing CRT is a #Literalist impulse to see trees, not forest)

47.08/ Shout this from the rooftops.

(Mental health is health. People don't get that if they have a #Literalist worldview that sees the surface only. Just because thoughts aren't in a cast doesn't mean they aren't wounded & need healing)

47.09/ Thread about dangerous views held by powerful evangelicals and the danger they will pose for Israel and worldwide Jews.

I mean, Bibi and Trump (ym'sh) could have been chosen by God but IMO only as plagues or punishments, in a Yeravam type way.

47.10/ Amazing and rare interview with Swartzwelder, the guy who made the Simpson's worth watching. Sprinkled around are incapacitating old jokes of his that were *rejected* when he worked on SNL or tried out for Late Night but knocked me out. 

47.11/ We get so many robocalls - I block the number and then a few hours later it's the same spammer from a different one - that I'm expecting a robot to show up later in the week to say "Hi, sorry to bother you but do you have any messages for me?"

47.12/ This is an incredible lesson in rabbanus (how to be a rabbi). Thanks @elinadoff


47.13/ I used this Faulkner quote the other day (about antisemitism and why the ADL is about defamation, because it starts with a war of slurs against us), and I didn't know it's from "Requiem for a Nun":

"The past is never dead. It's not even past." 

47.14/ Big agree.

The problem with pain is that it's invisible and hard to measure and communicate.

As I like to say, when a chronically ill person is at 100% that's like your 12.

47.15/ I'm grateful for these types of posts because while I had not encountered DianaMargarine's views in the wild, I can proactively block her and her cohorts. Eugenics is genocide's cousin and cannot be tolerated.

47.16/ Lawful Good, not on the list: a 3x5" card where I can write notes on the book (yes, even fiction)

Reposting the image so I can add alt-text:


47.17/ #ReshetKeshet

I need to find out if this story is authentic, because I love it (another good rabbanus lesson: why content doesn't outweigh the bad behavior of the teacher)

Shelach 2003 (Kehillat Prozdor) 

47.18/ As a justice seeking person, I always hold my heroes up to higher scrutiny, so it's not wrong to investigate #DeGrom. But these accusations don't fit the data.

He's been this thrilling since his debut. This is just what HoF level looks like! #LGM

47.19/ Rubio is to Obama as Palin was to Clinton.

The GOP has embraced hierarchical & authoritarian thinking and culturally they can't comprehend a woman or "minority" having quality above any white man. This hate-caused myopia is a strategic weakness.

47.20/ #RoshChodesh Tammuz Sameach everyone!

[This is one of those cases where I saw this amazing gif and just wanted to use it.]

47.21/ This is a good way to describe the quantitative/qualitative balance necessary in any social science

47.22/ This short story synopsis of a parody of British costume dramas is the bullseye in the Venn diagram of what I consider art.

47.23/ This is great news! @MikeTanier is a must-read for me and my son. He writes with both humor and wisdom in ye olde tyme tradition of showing how the stylized world of sports reflects the depth and complexity of its host society.

47.24/ This is a pleasant surprise! We love the Fletch books in my house and they are perfect for movies and/or Columbo style TV specials. This book introduces Inspector Flynn so that has it's own series. Fun times!

47.25/ Yes. Yes I do need to see a baby penguin hug.

Reminds me of that great video of the baby goats/alpacas hugs.

47.26/ This is amazing and a bit too close to the Total Perspective Vortex from the Hitchhiker's Guide. 

47.27/ This a wonderful list, re: accessibility tools. Thank you @Tinu

47.28/ Periodic reminder if you're demoralized by the brutes: winning the White House and Congress last November was a crucial battle against fascism, but definitely not the war.

47.29/ Strong agree with @KarLeia and I said as much back in April (see below)

47.30/ This is what needs to be done all over America.

And, hey, guys, when Germany takes something like this seriously, it's because they've BEEN THERE.

47.31/ Great insight.

47.32/ GenX approves.

47.33/ History comes alive. I've also heard that some people actually eat meals off the table in the kitchen that I've been only using for my laptop.

47.34/ True, true, and true.

47.35/ As a shul rabbi, I actually banned the throwing of candy b/c (a) injuries, (b) makes the kids act crazy, to the benefit of selfish and/or strong ones (c) throwing things at an open Sefer Torah is bad. I suggest just give out candy, don't throw it.

47.36/ Why I enjoy twitter, exhibit eleventy-billion and three:

47.37/ This is a good way to put it.

47.38/ Like with January 6th, these troglodytes think they're fighting the System, yelling loudly that it won't control them, while entering their data into Amazon while committing fraud that endangers thousands.

47.39/ On target:

47.40/ Agreed, this is conservatism: #Literalist thinking (in this case, egotistical solipsism) and selfish dehumanization.

47.41/ Prof. @TimothyDSnyder's new column takes on a subject I've been hammering for years: the corrosive effect of cheating (and the sin of omission by people who scoff at it's severity & let it persist)

See my obsession here:*cheating*%20(from%3AJoshuaCypess)%20&src=typed_query&f=live 

47.42/ Very well put by Rosenberg here. America is enshrined as the land of the free, and freedom of religion was paramount to that identity. E.g. Jews were never "emancipated" in America like in Europe b/c all religions were "freed" simultaneously.

47.43/ Just published an art-filled thread about an #ArtWar my daughter and I played earlier this week. Enjoy!

(Note, as usual, I have afikoman-gifts hidden in the alt-text. Oh, also, "Afikoman" is my alternative to "E-eggs", if you catch my drift).

47.44/ #ShabbatShalom everyone, God everything will be well.

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