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+ Your AuthorsArchive @NatalieStrecke1 Proud working class,antiracist which means I also oppose Apartheid -Rome Statute 2002. Don't like bullies! I am a work in progress! #LeftGlovesOffTimeToFight Jun. 11, 2021 1 min read


In 2018 I served as a Human Rights Monitor in Hebron. I saw what #IsraeliApartheid & settler colonialism means for Palestinians. Here is a 10minute clip of a podcast I did with @ThePOD73622326 on my experiences


2. Article reflecting on my experiences on the 75th anniversary of on our island's liberation from occupation


3. Witnessing my friend @Issaamro go through the kangaroo court that is the Israeli Military Court system.


4. My interview with @DerbyChrisW on @MFApeoplesparty with @flelizi on the need to not be intimidated by the Israel Lobby defending apartheid


5. Opposing real antisemitism& antiPalestinian racism.

"During my journey in Palestine solidarity I have found myself frequently asking, in what other situation would the call 4 rights of 1 ppl subjected 2 racism, be used to claim racism against another?" 

6. How do we fight the #witchhunt? By not cowering, we call it out for what it is!

#NoSurrenderToIsraeliApartheid โ€ฆ

7. As the #Israel lobby increases its smear campaign & attacks against #Palestinians & Palestinian Solidarity activists as they lose control of the narrative we DO NOT cower, we fight back! 

8. The first talk I ever gave following serving as a Human Rights Monitor in January 2019, following a prescribed format of the NGO I served with.


9. Everytime I struggle to find courage to speak out boldly on #Palestine I remember this filmed by my friend & group member of @JPSC taken where I served in Hebron of the arrest of a child & the use of live ammunition

10. Our most recent local protest, following which we had to deal with disgusting, racist antiPalestinian factless propaganda published in @JEPnews


11. @bramerius 

12. @mailolstar 

13. Letter by @LiamRenouf 

14. #Palestinians as other marginalised & silenced people rely on us as ordinary ppl around the world 2 amplify their voices, their experiences, we use our voices 2 do that as appropriate but whenever it is possible we give them the platform so they use their own!


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