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Sarah Jamie Lewis
+ Your AuthorsArchive @SarahJamieLewis Executive Director @OpenPriv. Cryptography and Privacy Researcher. @cwtch_im icyt7rvdsdci42h6si2ibtwucdmjrlcb2ezkecuagtquiiflbkxf2cqd Jun. 25, 2021 2 min read

Cwtch is an open, decentralized, privacy-preserving messaging protocol/app that we've been working on @OpenPriv for the last few years - and we've just launched our Beta release series!

Check out the website  for release links, FAQs and more information about how Cwtch works!

To mark this occasion I wrote some words for our Discreet Log development log - looking back on the last few years, and forwards into the future. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Cwtch core team @dan_ballard, @errorinn and Marcia Díaz Agudelo.

It takes a special kind of person to be willing to spend a significant part of their life devoted to working on something for the benefit of other people. Thank you!

My cwtch address is: icyt7rvdsdci42h6si2ibtwucdmjrlcb2ezkecuagtquiiflbkxf2cqd

Feel free to say hi :)

I also want to thank all the people who helped test Cwtch over the last few months - your feedback has been invaluable!

And of course a big thank you to the people who have donated, and continue to donate to @OpenPriv - without you absolutely none of our work would be possible! 💜

It is worth stating again that Cwtch is about as decentralized and open as we could make it - all the code is open, all peer to peer connections are conducted through tor v3 onion services, and for (experimental) groups anybody can host a server for anyone else to host a group on

We will never charge for Cwtch, we never collect anyof your information. You social network metadata is never exposed. We can't track you.

We don't just care about your privacy. Here is a tool to enforce it, even from us.

FuzzBot is our development testing bot: 4y2hxlxqzautabituedksnh2ulcgm2coqbure6wvfpg4gi2ci25ta5ad .

Sending Fuzzbot the command testgroup-invite will cause FuzzBot to invite you to the Cwtch Testers Group!

If you are interested in helping secure Cwtch, the underlying risk model, technical details etc. there is no better place to start than our Secure Development Handbook. 

I want people to be able to hack on Cwtch easily, build bots easily, fuzz Cwtch easily, extend Cwtch easily and build on Cwtch easily.

That's the goal, if there is any information you need but don't have let me know and I will work on documenting it up for everyone.

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