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Sarah Jamie Lewis
+ Your AuthorsArchive @SarahJamieLewis Executive Director @OpenPriv. Cryptography and Privacy Researcher. @cwtch_im icyt7rvdsdci42h6si2ibtwucdmjrlcb2ezkecuagtquiiflbkxf2cqd Jul. 05, 2021 1 min read

To take this one step further: The idea that systems should be deliberately designed or engineered to make them vulnerable to surveillance is, just simply, a harmful, blatantly authoritarian idea that we need to grow out of.

That technology enables people to do bad things is the reason we need *all* technology to be surveillance resistant.

There is no unopening of Pandora's box.

Building tools or systems that deliberately collect information, or allow information to be collected, in ways that the wielder of that tool didn't explicitly consent to in a signed and witnessed contract needs to be seen as the harmful activity it is.

The time for privacy apologism or advocation is over. The right to encryption is under attack in practically every democratic jurisdiction - pretending there is any kind of middle ground is a losing strategy.

Active surveillance resistance must be the new baseline.

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