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Mike Gow 高英智
+ Your AuthorsArchive @mikeygow Lecturer (Asst Prof) in Bus Mgt @EHU_Business Consumerism, Citizenship & Identity in Xi Jinping’s China. Father 父亲 Husband 丈夫 Brother 兄弟 Son 儿子 #Everton #Celtic Jul. 12, 2021 1 min read

First real experience of #England football was #Euro96 (was in Scotland in 92 or England DNQ for WC94)

Sure, violent, racist idiots that ruin every major tournament for most supporters are a tiny minority of all England fans

But a sizeable minority of visible matchday support

There’s also a really problematic culture around English football - normally amiable people having too much to drink and becoming aggressive and belligerent, and *directing hate and vitriol against anyone who is deemed the opposition or not part of that tribe*

You don’t even have to go to matches to see this. Just pubs in a major city centre when a match is on

Last time I went to a pub to watch an England game (in England) was World Cup 98. A group of lads took issue with my Scottish accent. Had to leave for own safety. Never again.

Genuinely gutted #England didn’t win last night. Remember watching England lose to Argentina in ‘86 and on penalties at Italia 90 - all huddled round TV with my mum, dad and brothers.

We watched (online) together last night and my 8yo son watched England go out on penalties.

It was the best, most consistently calm and competent performance by an @England team at a major tournament I’ve seen.

But something has to be done to give real England football fans a better environment to support the national team

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