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Sarah Jamie Lewis
+ Your AuthorsArchive @SarahJamieLewis Executive Director @OpenPriv. Cryptography and Privacy Researcher. @cwtch_im icyt7rvdsdci42h6si2ibtwucdmjrlcb2ezkecuagtquiiflbkxf2cqd Jul. 21, 2021 1 min read

I'd feel vindicated by this tell-all blog post exposing the ineptness of Iota except these aspects of consensus in distributed systems were well known in the fucking 70s.

And the fraud just keeps on going...

Absolutely amazing

"No other researcher pointed out the problems"

Wasn't like there was any drama around that time which would have caused me to point out some of the fundamental problems...

"This honestly feels like someone trying to patch on solutions without robust analysis."

Well said past Sarah

Maybe I could have been clearer

Truly, who could have foreseen these problems...

I could retweet my 2017-2019 self all day, they made me explain the same critiques over and over again and refused to acknowledge the issues with their fraudulent promises and design.

I'm sure they've cracked it this time through...jfc

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