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This kind of muscle tension comes from a kind of awareness hijack.

Collapsed awareness is a sign that the part of our mind that thinks we need to *try really hard* has hijacked us.

You don't need muscle tension to think. You can 'zoom out' your awareness and still focus.

Also all of this thread

It leads here btw

I think this is partly why the 'direct transmission' element of Alexander Technique works so well

The teacher's hands can serve to undo those chronic pushes and pulls throughout the body that correspond to 'ego force'

As the muscle that corresponds to ego lets go, so does ego

what happens in lessons sometimes can seem like a kind of insight / ego death / kensho type experience

a sudden seeing of the whole world, its oneness and the idea that "I am all that"

It's hard to get back there on your own because the 'moves' are unknown but can be learned

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