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Mike Gow 高英智
+ Your AuthorsArchive @mikeygow Lecturer (Asst Prof) in Bus Mgt @EHU_Business Consumerism, Citizenship & Identity in Xi Jinping’s China. Father 父亲 Husband 丈夫 Brother 兄弟 Son 儿子 #Everton #Celtic Jul. 24, 2021 1 min read

Fascinating #PhD thesis by Xu Ran @uOttawa School of Translation and Interpreting

deductive qual. content analysis (👏) using #CoreSocialistValues (🤩) to analyse short stories by Chinese authors in #Pathlight

#discoursepower #culturaldiplomacy #China 

I get notifications on the few pubs I have, to see who else is citing my work. Pretty much all are citations of the @CriticAsianStds article on #CSV published early 2017

This is a really helpful thesis - both methodologically and empirically - and will be helpful pushing forward a project I’ve been working on for a while looking at state discourse in advertising.

So a huge thanks to the author. A really detailed and meticulous study here.

Will definitely be reading over in more detail - but the most relevant/important chapter is 6.3 (for me).

My work is cited along with other key works on #CSV, but I then read this….

Delighted that (a) my work is proving useful and cited across so many fields (politics, sociology, education, media/comms, translation, law)

And (b), that another scholar has shown me a really excellent application of methodology using the CSV to code texts.

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