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Will Is Mike Lindell's Failed Meditation Teacher
+ Your AuthorsArchive @bywillpollock "what have you unleashed?"—@kcanterbary | journalist blogger & author | investigative comedy | #BLM 🏳️‍🌈 | DMs open or [email protected] Aug. 02, 2021 2 min read

Pence *rejected Secret Service* due to fear of abduction

how is this not a bigger scandal 

.@SarahBurris' jaw-dropping recap mentions Tony Ornato so hintity-hint, @January6thCmte 

per CNN Ornato approved Genocidal Maniac's sealed-vehicle COVID-spreading Walter Reed drive-by

...Ornato also connected to TFG's upside-bible Fascist Funhouse at Lafayette Square

.@NicolleDWallace confirmed via her own sources so yah we need to hear more about Pence's "experiences on Jan 6th"

"vast conspiracy to have me killed but we'll just agree to disagree on that"—Pence

Pence's desperate need for adulation from Casino Crim & his cult is 100x more absurd today

"support me and we'll forget the whole noose-and-gallows thing?"—Pence 

Pence & Ornato need to be at the TOP of @January6thCmte subpoena list


"if they got Pence out of town they would have thwarted certification of the electoral college vote at least for that day. Who knows what would have followed?"

read @digby56's analysis which is pretty great 

watching Manafort-installed Mike Pence squirm on @January6thCmte witness stand would be great TV but also CRUCIAL for our democracy

via @rgoodlaw @BarbMcQuade @JoyceWhiteVance 

when mafia groups join forces sketchy shit is all but guaranteed

Pence/Secret Service thread continues

feel like I issue this caveat every freakin' day but my toddler—whom you might recall just discovered free will and choices—kept me up half the night again

love him to pieces but my god. moving on

after The Installation in 2016 these mafias merged together:

- Tr_mp Org
- Russian mob
- Evangelical liars (yes including Pence)
- Nutbag Lawyer People
- Garden Variety MAGA Dickheads (from Skeeter-Enos in Alabama up to Proud Boys )
- and *Secret Service*

not breaking big news with above tweet just want it on-the-record;

in an interview for her astonishing book "Zero Fail"
@CarolLeonnig likened SS culture to La Cosa Nostra 

Cosa Nostra ("our thing") is "loose association of criminals sharing code of conduct under a common brand"

well hey now that's just spooky.

(stay with me cuz this relates to Pence & 6 Jan)

would a ragtag group behaving like Goodfellas ("I got made!") be more or less likely to help Casino Mobster steal GOBS of taxpayer cash 🤔🤨 


(if you'll permit a digression @SWinstonWolkoff has TONS of receipts about how Melania is "Sideshow Bob" fraud)

not gonna rehash all SS-related TFG grifting but please note THE THEFT CONTINUES

maybe we could look at that soon? how much longer are we gonna enrich the mob? 

writer's note: umm I don't think Barron will be running Trump Org 🤣😂🤣

with that background consider Pence's state-of-mind leading up to Jan 6th: Casino Mobster, desperate to avoid prison, has MAFIA HELPERS *suing Pence* to overturn 2020 Election with unknown number of SS agents sympathetic to don's "plight"

lived experience: Mike Pence spent 4 years gazing at Trump with Nancy Reagan adoration to understand inherent risk associated with canoodling the mob

Pence, Kellogg & all other chowderheads better gear up for subpoenas—cuz they're a-comin'

updates as events warrant.

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