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🔥The world is on fire.
🌍 Wondering what you can do about climate?
💪Here's 4 high-impact ways to cut your carbon footprint by 50%-500%👇🏾

(This is for personal impact, so be sure to also use your vote + wallet to urge govts & businesses to do more!) 

1/ Buy green energy.

You'll cut around 1.5 tonnes/yr (15% of a typical 10 tonne/yr lifestyle).

Some estimates are higher even. For example in the UK, the average home reduced annual emissions by 3.2 tonnes according to data from Bulb Energy 

2/ Avoid 1 long-haul flight. (These are typically 6hrs+)

You'll save 1.6 tonnes (16% of a 10-tonne/yr lifestyle).

However, if you're in the 20% of passengers who make up 70% of all flying in England, you'd need to cut more flights for more % impact. 

3/ Use public transport (give up the car).

You'll save around 2.4 tonnes (24% of a 10-tonne/yr lifestyle.)

Alternatively, if you keep driving but switch to electric/ hybrid, you'd save 0.8 tonnes.

If you're in London you could be £3,000 better off also 

4/ This one is controversial (and likely an over-estimate but directionally correct) is to have 1 less child.

You'd avoid around 58.6 tonnes a year. (586% of a 10-tonne/year lifestyle).

Data is from this article  & journal article 

In summary, high impact carbon reduction tips that are easy are: (1) Drive less (2) Fly less & (3) Buy green energy. That's 50%+ of the work for 3 actions.

If you can't do (1) & (2), consider carbon offsetting. Lots of options out there for it, including my workplace @my_tickr.

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