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0/ Reason for climate optimism: We already have the tech in 3 high-impact areas (energy, transport, consumption) to cut pollution by 90%+ in 15 years. These areas need more investment for scale & deployment, according to this report 👇🏾Summary below. 

1/ Energy - "Since 2010 alone, solar PV capacity costs have fallen over 80%, onshore wind capacity costs have fallen more than 45%, and lithium-ion battery capacity costs have fallen almost 90%"

2/ Transport - "Operating cost of EVs is already lower than internal combustion engine vehicles, and their initial costs are also rapidly approaching parity."

3/ Food - "New precision fermentation foods will be up to 100x more land efficient, 10-25x more feedstock efficient, 20x more time efficient, and 10x more water efficient. They will also produce far less waste."

4/ When sustainable tech gets more investment and adoption, that will drive down costs even further as it scales, thereby growing consumer demand yet again, leading to other feedback loops that accelerate displacement of fossil tech. These 2 charts highlight what's possible.

5/ Tech alone won't save us (lots more to do on policy, regulations & society). But it's great to read that the key tools we need to limit global warming are already here. They just need more investment. The full @rethink_x report can be read here

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