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Sarah Jamie Lewis
+ Your AuthorsArchive @SarahJamieLewis Executive Director @OpenPriv. Cryptography and Privacy Researcher. @cwtch_im icyt7rvdsdci42h6si2ibtwucdmjrlcb2ezkecuagtquiiflbkxf2cqd Sep. 27, 2021 1 min read

Why Web 3.0 Matters (2007)

We are at least on Web 7.0 by now and it is all still terrible.

Remember when "mashups" were a thing? That was a dark time.

The semantic web was a dream too rich for our corporeal realm.

Imagine the idealism necessary to think people would markup the content they produced such that it might be useful to other people outside of the immediate context in which it was created.

They will instead obfuscate it as much as possible with fucked up javascript.

The future visions of the web used to focus on how amazing it would be to have all the proprietary data of the world liberated and accessible to locally run agents.

It could still be that way if we wanted it enough.

Though instead I fear that we will pave what little is left of the decentralized paradise but not before capturing it in an NFT for posterity.

I will continue screaming this into the void...

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