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Joshua Cypess
+ Your AuthorsArchive @JoshuaCypess He/his. PhD social scientist & Orthodox Rabbi. We're all in this together. #BlackLivesMatter #Steelers #Mets #Resist Oct. 10, 2021 6 min read

65.01/ Week sixty-five, Oct. 9-15, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 64 below.

65.02/ My name was captured by a bot yesterday... so how was your Shabbos?

Note: I have not given an interview about the Mets nor should that be of interest to anybody.

65.03/ Today is the first FootballMas since 2019! The happiest day of the year!

[FootballMas is when there are NFL games on at 9:30 EST, 1:00, 4:00 and 8:00. All day football is fun.]

65.04/ #TBvsBOS what a finish. Look, the weird play in the top of the 13th when a ball bounced off an outfielder and ruled a ground rule double, saved a run. But, in the bottom of the 13th, the Red Sox hit a 2 run homer which would have won it even if they were down by one.

65.05/ It's a little nuts that pre-season basketball is on ESPN but actual playoff #baseball - elimination games! - are on random goofy channels like MLB Network or FS1. Don't get me started on why it's not on any major network.

65.06/ #NobelWeek ended last week but today was the Scrappy Doo of Nobels, Economics: Drs. David Card, Joshua D. Angrist & Guido W. Imbens. By rights I should support a soc-sci award, except, c'mon, it's Econ.

This thread helped me understand their work:

65.07/ Today in #DafYomi we started my favorite masechet: #RoshHashanah. Main topics? Nature of God's judgement, astronomy, how halakha is made, nature of rabbinic law, and public health (e.g. why we allow people to travel on Shabbat to put out fires). So much fun.

65.08/ Today I learned that Fish & Chips, the famed British fast food, is widely considered of Jewish origin: "The tradition in the UK of fish battered and fried in oil came from Western Sephardic Jewish immigrants from Holland." 

65.09/ I learned a lot from this thread by @courtneymilan who's both an accomplished attorney and a fiction author, re: copyright lawsuits. TL;DR lawsuits are stupid expensive so don't risk it unless you absolutely must.

65.10/ Gruden is a 5 pound hefty bag filled with 10 pounds of belligerent toxic masculinity.

I'm actually enjoying how he's getting the Andrew Cuomo treatment.

65.10b/ Boom! That was righteously quick. Gruden is O-U-T

65.11/ What a numbing, unbelievable, windfall. I've been trying to buy Klein's "A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary" for decades but it runs over $100. Just now I see it's a free download on ?! What's going on? Grab it! 

65.12/ SNL to me is like the Simpsons for Millennials: I was in HS when it came out so I know before/after. OTOH SNL was part of the landscape, a humor inheritance. Comparing the two, I see how it affects my attitude, reverence, even ownership.

65.13/ These stories of fascist agitators fomenting violence and blaming BLM must be amplified and spread wide. The property damage of the civil rights protests, cited by bigots (and I know many), were by their fellow bigots. Were need full exposure.

65.14/ The #Steelers can't make any game easy and my nerves are shot. Even more: "Renegade" finally worked after years of sputtering out. I hope that's a good omen. (Styx's song is played at home games to fire up the crowd and the defense.) #HereWeGo

65.15/ Very good thread about the range of people who medically require wheelchairs. Important for combating the amateur sleuths who use ableist ignorance to incorrectly call out "fakes."

65.16/ Q: How are the #Steelers defensive line like the seven haftarot of consolation?

A: They have way more than the expected number of Isaiahs.

Bonus: Loudermilk is Deutero-Isaiah. 

65.17/ In defense of Columbus, Ohio - which has a vested interest in whitewashing the guy's monstrous legacy - it's hard to change the name of a city. (They did it once before; originally it was "Torquemada" [citation needed])

65.18/ Maybe since I've been diligent in putting alt-text in my pictures/gifs I instinctively avoided the goofy "billion red flag" joke template floating around here lately. See this thread for why it's bad & what it sounds like to a reader:

65.19/ It's a doctored photo, yes, but it was a once-in-history joke and you gotta do it

[Image: Shatner & 3 astronauts, their uniforms colored like Star Trek complete with insignia. He's in gold the other 3 in red.] See: 

65.20/ @Realrclark25 says it brilliantly: Gruden's presumed impunity allowed him to say odious things to a bunch of like minded people on a work email. Those people never had to change or improve because of that protecting privilege.

65.21/ Holy cow, I missed this from a few days ago. This confirms that Havana Syndrome is real AND it's taken seriously by the highest levels of gov. I was shamefully made to believe that it was a hoax! Thank God the victims are going to be taken care of.

65.22/ Good to know but I was waaaaaaay ahead of this.

65.23/ I was on the treadmill, gaily flipping channels, but mainly on the #NYR, yelling "shoot! shooooot" in midseason form. They bodged in OT so I'm back on #LADvsSF. During commercials I'll see if the Eagles DLine gets to toss Brady around like a doll.

65.24/ If Malchitzedek is still there, he may give you some food to go. It's a tipping situation (10%)

65.25/ These two stories were right near each other in my feed and I've got a bad feeling about where this is going. Not great being in the "vehi she-amda" part of the Brit Bein ha-Betarim. Gevalt.


65.26/ The #Dodgers v. #Giants game is just what I'd expect from two 100+ win division rivals meeting in the playoffs. Wow, what a series and what a game 5. The World Series will have a hard time matching it; these are legit the two best teams in the #MLB

65.27/ Would teams stop breaking up the "QB & TE with rhyming names" combos? now Hurts & Ertz (PHI); before it was Darnold & Arnold (CAR); Aaron Rogers to Richard Rogers (GB '14-17); Russell Wilson to Luke Willson (SEA '13-'20). Stop the madness!

65.28/ I actually predicted this. When I heard there were white supremacist fliers being put up around town I knew the authorities would pull the ol' "who can really know if they're bigoted or not?" Why it's predictable I'll leave for the class discussion. 

65.29/ In halakhic terms running a fake charity may be the biggest way to lose one's chelek, ever. The combination of Chillul Hashem, thievery that can't be returned, destroying faith in institutions, sowing distrust in chesed & the truly needy. The worst.

William: It's terrible when I hear them order "fire at will." People are such literal thinkers!

Patricia: I hear ya brother. I can't go to diners because they always order a "patty melt."

Michael: [Yawning] Have you ever braved an "open mike" night?

65.31/ #GoodShabbos everyone. Stay safe.


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