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so I do a lot of silliness with weird keyboards, but today's my birthday! So I thought I'd celebrate by going back to basics, with a completely normal keyboard. QWERTY layout, no weird macro setups, no layers, and it even connects over USB.

An overall view

Isn't it a beauty?

This may be my favorite keyboard I've made so far.
You can only imagine the keyfeel on this baby.

key on key, row on row

I think it may have a cavity though. Where's my toothpaste?

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You know it's a good bad keyboard when you get ratio'd

sadly I don't have my previous Best Keyboard on hand or I could use them together

my slowest keyboard is the Clock Keyboard: five and a half hours to type Hello World:

before that the slowest was the FlopKey:

actually, wait, no, my randomized ascii keyboard was actually slower, but only in the clip I posted. in theory it could be faster, or even slower, or take infinitely long to type hello world:

there was also my analog keyboard, which just has a nice big dial for selecting the key:

and on the subject of dials, my rotary phone keyboard:

and the binary keyboard. you just flip the 7 switches to the right ASCII character, and hit the button.

I also simplified that one to two buttons. it just types a key every seven presses

and the one button unary keyboard:

I'm still working on the GPS keyboard. I hope to demo that one soon

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