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+ Your AuthorsArchive @Foone Hardware / software necromancer, collector of Weird Stuff, maker of Death Generators. (they/them) ko-fi: Oct. 14, 2021 3 min read

it's been said that there are only 6 types of stories


weirdly the game stores all the player names with lowercase first name and uppercase last names

that certainly is a fontspace

so it turns out that Tecmo Super Bowl (bottom) uses the same font as Tecmo Bowl (top), except they redrew the G to be rounder


wow. they put a lot of teams in this game
this is going to take FOREVER to include in the generator

gonna see if I can dynamically change my team mid-game

I've changed my gender mid-game using cheat codes, why not teams?

speaking of which... these are the 28 genders

that was easy.
0x6C is player 1's team, 0x6D is player 2's team

they're numbered like this

and if you're in the Pro Bowl, the AFC is 28, and the NFC is 29

ahh yes, the classic Green Bay vs Green Bay game

if you set it to AFC vs NFC, it gets the names right, but kinda explodes trying to figure out what their helmets should look like

and if you set it to an invalid team number it just goes to shit

ahh, yes, the NO%+ tigers vs the BUCCANEERS

ahh, the ILM ILM ILM JK ©236 [9F7 ABCDEFGH ()9IR BILLS 45
The Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are shattered by the PATRIOTS

ooh, I got to #40 and unlocked the secret team of the STEELERS OFFENSE

I'm just gonna have to dump all 256 teams, aren't I?

suddenly I can't inject into this emulator, what the heck

I think the emulator is moving the zero-page around in RAM, because the zero page is special in 6502

I'd have to switch to another emulator or... shutter... write lua

my favorite handegg team? the ENDLESS SCROLLS

Here's all the teams.

my favorite one is the *raise hands* 49ERS UUUU

and my favorite super hero? EAGLESMAN!

this one is a pretty good flag, though. I should print it out and put it on my wall

now I gotta figure out how to extract the player colors
I can't just make a TAS and let the computer score, because different teams have different stats!

oh wait I can change teams mid-game.
so I just need to savestate right before a touchdown and then play it back with each team

good for him?

why am I even making a generator, I could just make a GIF of this guy

I'm extracting all the team colors. fun fact: they don't break after the valid teams, probably because I'm running off an array and interpreting random data as colors

okay organizing the tiles into a 32x8 shows an obvious pattern

But yeah, it uses the same sort of pattern as Tecmo Bowl, which has two colors that are used on the same model.

here's a thing though, in the second half in the touchdown animation and in the kickoff animation, there seems to be a white player.
Is the skin color another thing that's dynamically adjusted?


actually I think it may just always put a black player in front and the second player we see is white.

yup! there must be a Race Flag

wow. it has portraits for all the players. it must generate those out of replaceable pieces

I should probably dump all these portraits

I have accidentally put Jeff George in blackface

for some reasons the races are 77 and 78



the faceless man

I have accidentally invented the best hairstyle


so I've turned everyone into Frank Reich
but since race is stored elsewhere, sometimes Frank is black

anyway I'm gonna stop getting distracted by the portraits and go make the death generator thing

I still need to find the numbers. I tried injecting them into the player names and they don't show up, but clearly there are numbers in the font

and I can't just use the one from Tecmo Bowl, because they definitely changed some of the symbols

it turns out they only changed the 4

left is Tecmo Bowl
right is Tecmo Super Bowl

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