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Note: This thread is related to #COVID19.

Follow the World Health Organization's instructions to reduce your risk of infection. Avoid the three Cs: Crowded places, Close Contact Settings & Confined spaces. Airborne aerosols play an important role in transmitting COVID-19.

- Avoid crowded places and limit time in enclosed spaces

- Apply social distance

- Air rooms by opening windows & doors

- Keep hands and surfaces clean, cover coughs & sneezes

- Wear a mask when you are not at home or when physical distancing is not possible

+ Your AuthorsArchive @Foone Hardware / software necromancer, collector of Weird Stuff, maker of Death Generators. (they/them) ko-fi: Oct. 16, 2021 1 min read

my local ikea has tabletops but is out of legs
and their website says they have legs, but when you try to look at shipping options, it tells you to try a different zip code
even before you enter a zip code

did covid-19 cause a table leg shortage?

gonna meet someone in a back alley and they open up a trenchcoat and it's full of ADILSes and OLOVs and even the occasional KRILLE, if you're kinky

speaking of which, it turns out that although all three of those show up as in-stock, only KRILLE can be delivered, so guess who just ordered a full set of KRILLEs?

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