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My favorite thing isn't the fact that Oculus just randomly retweeted something from homestruck without realizing it, but that they can't even spell it correctly.
Kanayophia in the text, Kanayaphobia in the image.

The Urban Dictionary entry they got this "fact" from spells it "Kanayaphobia"

Kanaya is a lesbian space troll from Homestruck, btw.
Her weapon is a chainsaw. That's why someone coined this word, and why Oculus thought it had meaning outside of one specific fandom

So it's not the first result for "fear of chainsaws". I don't think they just googled "fear of chainsaws", or they would have gotten other results first. Admittedly, most of those are jokes or "I DON'T KNOW"

but the first hit for "kanayaphobia" is the "Phobia wiki".

I bet they got it from there. They were doing this gimmick of types of phobias so of course they went to the phobia wiki

and didn't realize this one (made in 2016) got "sourced" from a urban dictionary entry from 2013, based on a 2009 web comic

here's a video I posted in 2011, about a device I made to let you know if Homestruck has updated or not

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