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somehow the fact my AC unit has wifi is less weird than the fact the remote has a "follow me" button

is the AC unit going to come out of the window and chase me around the room? I'm scared

I checked the manual.
this... does not help

OK here we go. Like a couple people said, it basically just makes the AC unit use the temperature measurement in the remote instead of the AC unit.

which is of questionable utility: there's no baffles or air channels or anything here, so all the AC unit can do is adjust how much it runs.

So all this is doing is offsetting the temperature? like, now it runs until it's 69 degrees at your desk, instead of at the AC unit

so you could get the same result by just setting the AC unit to 65 or 75 degrees or whatever

but this automates that.
Also it could be useful if you have a spot in the room you want to keep at a given temperature, but how much heat that area is getting varies?
like if you have a chair in front of a big window, it's going to be warmer on sunny days than cloudy days

also keep in mind this is an IR remote.
it is sending a command every 3 minutes and if it fails, the AC unit will beep at you.
so you better make sure the remote stays pointing at the AC unit with nothing in between!

(IR remotes are flashlights. I feel not enough people realize that)

you'd think the AC remote would use the wifi, since this thing has wifi, but nope! it has IR and wifi and the remote only uses the IR.

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