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You still have a gender? At your age?

Genders are like Pokémon. A lot of people were into them when they were kids, there's a bunch with different names and designs (despite only a few getting most of the publicity), and some people irrationally cling to the first set they learned about as the only "real ones"

Look, there's only 151 Pokémon, it's simple biology

And my gender is missingno. Get in a fight with me, you'll find the sixth item in your pockets has been duplicated 128 times, but say goodbye to your hall of fame data.

My gender only exists because of a glitch where you talk to an old man who temporarily steals your name and stuffs it into your encounter data and then fly to another area and surf in a location with no defined encounters, so you end up fighting your own name

And that's exactly what I told the doctor when I was asking about going on hormones!

Apparently the hormones come in two types. The red pill, and the blue pill.

Anyway this thread was inspired by this headline of a post on Tumblr, and going in a completely different shitpost direction with it: 

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