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+ Your AuthorsArchive @Foone Hardware / software necromancer, collector of Weird Stuff, maker of Death Generators. (they/them) ko-fi: Oct. 23, 2021 3 min read

It's Applesauce Upgrade Day.
Here's my Applesauce. It's the first iteration, with one upgrade, the Revision 1 board. This lets it support more power to work with 3.5" disks along with the original 5.25" drives

It's the deluxe model, and it has the 20-pin IDC port, DB-19 port, unlabeled sync sensor port, and the labeled-by-me power connector

it's 1071 ! or maybe 1L01? anyway, the screws are on the bottom

This is a disk imaging controller, and you can find more info over at 

And it's open!

So inside you can see that most of the smarts are on a little floating board... of a suspicious form factor.

Yep, that's a Teensy 3.5 microcontroller!

This over here is an LVXC3245 octal transceiver. It can convert between 3v and 5v buses at high speeds

And these are current sensors.

MAX414ACSA switching voltage regulator

TI UA7812C 12-volt voltage regulator

onsemi MC7805BG 5-volt voltage regulator

This I believe is an optocoupler

And the bottom has nothing on it, but a big ground plane for all the power supplies

And now it is time FOR UPGRADES

So the main part of the upgrade is a new motherboard (on the left)
You can see it's quite similar, with some rearranged power supply circuitry being the biggest obvious difference

Close up on the power supply section. More caps, more inductors, fewer chips.
The Max636 remains, but the two linear regulators have been replaced

And this is a LM2576SX-5.0 3-amp 5-volage switching regulator. (not linear, so we need less heat dissipation)

and there's no 12v supply at all anymore: unlike revisions 0 and 1 which used a 16v input, this uses a 12v input and therefore doesn't have to generate a 12v output itself

So the next part to install is the new rear bracket.
It's now got a 34-pin IDC connector so you can attach PC drives

That just plugs into the board like so

And the front panel (from the previous unit) plugs in as well

Hmm. There seems to be a minor problem:
I've got the little laser-cut panel for the front part, but not one for the back part?

And I can't just use the pre-upgraded one, as it has holes in the wrong places.

yep, the upgrade kit listed on the website does show a new plastic backplate there.
I'm gonna have to go check I didn't accidentally toss it out!

Anyway the final part of the kit is this adapter. This plugs into the 20-pin Apple II port and extracts 5v and 12v, so you can run PC drives off the Applesuace without needing an external power supply for just the drive.

See? Nothing in the box!


Yeah it was hiding in the box

And there we go. All installized and upgraded.

I opened it up again to fix an issue with the DC power plug and this time I noticed there's a secret MAGIC jumper here.

this is unrealistic! who just has a double density floppy disk on hand?

and now it wants a HIGH DENSITY disk? I'm not made of disks, here!

There we go. Imaged my first PC disk on the upgraded Applesauce!

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