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+ Your AuthorsArchive @Foone Hardware / software necromancer, collector of Weird Stuff, maker of Death Generators. (they/them) ko-fi: Oct. 24, 2021 1 min read

My front door cam says it just detected motion at my doorway, two minutes from now.
I think I'm about to be killed by time travelers

It appears the actual visitor was either a ghost or spiders

Yeah... I could go out and clear the camera but that's exactly what the time assassins want me to do

Maybe I'll stick my skeleton out the door and use them to swipe away the cobwebs.
Only downside, he currently is missing a head, so the time assassins may not be fooled

It happened again. Motion, two minutes from now. Either the time assassins are back, or my camera's clock is wrong

I cleaned away the cobwebs.
New discovery: it can see raindrops falling in a tiny puddle on the edge of the welcome mat

Now it says someone is going to walk up to my door in three minutes, in the middle of the night, during a rainstorm, and it won't let me save the video

Brb dead

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