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Guys. GUYS. We have a mystery here on the farm.

There's some dog poop involved in this mystery, so I apologize in advance. But I'm genuinely stumped.

Yesterday I went outside and saw that one of our beehives was tipped over, which is really sad. The bees survived the whole winter until now

There were scratches and tooth marks in the outer insulation and almost all the bees were gone.

This seems like the work of a bear. They're just coming out of hibernation, and they're HUNGRY. Plus, the hive is pretty heavy to knock over

There's a fence around the hive(s), but a tree fell on it in a recent windstorm, so it would be pretty easy for a bear to walk over

and -- get this -- there were two piles of black poop about 20 feet away that consisted almost entirely of dead bees (bear poop is black)


the pen with the bee hives is also where blind sled dog Hari lives

AND the whole thing is a stone's throw from 20 other huskies who flip their shit if so much as a rabbit enters the yard

I work and sleep in a house right next to them. I would know if the huskies flipped their shit in the past 24 hours, right??

Hari is a very zen husky but he is still a husky and alert and how on earth would he not respond to a BEAR coming into his zone?

and srsly what bear would come into a yard with 21 huskies in it? Wild animals keep their distance (except coyotes who sing w the dogs)

...and then stay there long enough to digest the bees and poop???

so. it seems like the other option is that Hari ate the bees. but he's been there 2 years and has never tried before, so why now?

and then is the bear-type poop just a coincidence? I mean, sled dog poop looks wild cause they eat the same stuff wild animals do

Hari is a gentle dog who is gingerly in all he does

but he's also not to be underestimated. The last time someone did that, we ended up with the Buffy pups.

and he's gotten the team through whiteout blizzards by sniffing out the trail when none of the other dogs would lead

also! he has a way with the bees. They leave him (only him) alone. He used to pull a drawer from the hive with his teeth to lick the honey

I gave him a very thorough petting this afternoon and he has zero stings OR bear scratches on his body

I gotta say, I'm honestly baffled by this mystery. And super intrigued. Also wanna figure it out to keep it from happening again


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